Our final race of the season was the ASRA Championship races at West Mth on the weekend of March 11. We had three races, Super-G (SG) on Friday, the giant slalom (GS) Championship race on Saturday and slalom (SL) on Sunday. The Saturday Championship was well attended. We had 11 ski club members who raced: Rich Zober, Paul Fowser, Fred Forbes, Beth Forbes, Ron Konsza, Bill Champion, Steve Zilli, Kathy Hart, Bob Juskus, Susan Maximuk and Tim Witman.

There were also individual accomplishments in the Championship race. Steve Zilli won the gold medal in Men’s B, Rich Zober won bronze in Men’s A, Kathy Hart and Beth Forbes won gold and silver, respectively, in Woman’s A, Ron Konsza won bronze in Men’s Elite, Susan Maximuk won gold in Women’s Elite, and Tim Witman won gold in Men’s Super-Elite and was fastest man overall.

For the weekend, Susan won overall fastest woman in the three events (SG, GS and slalom).

Several of our racers did very well in individual season awards. Points are given during the season for placement in races the more races and the higher the finish, the more points. Tim Witman was first in his age group and first overall in total season points. Ron Konzsa was third in his age group and tenth overall in total season points. Kathy Hart and Susan Maximuk also came in first in their age groups. Susan came in second place and Kathy came in sixth for women overall in total season points. That is a lot of races and a lot of good skiing.

Now it is time for spring skiing. We can turn wherever we want. No stupid red and blue poles. No ice. No standing around in the cold waiting for our start.

Think Snow Melt and Whitewater rafting!

Bill Champion