We are racing with a new organization this season. We had been racing with ASRA (American Ski Racing Alliance). The owner of the series, John Foy, has retired. But the ASRA racers wanted to continue racing together. In the Northeast there is a New England Master series and a New York Masters series. We have raced with those groups in the past, but their races are farther away than we would like. So we joined the Masters series, but created the Mid-Atlantic series. Many of our races are at ski areas where we raced with ASRA. We have nine race weekends. For several years our first race of the new year has been at Elk Mtn, PA. We are keeping that tradition. We have a Giant Slalom (GS) race on Saturday, January 6 and a Slalom (SL) race on Sunday, January 7. Our other Pennsylvania race is at Montage. We have GS and SL at Montage on Saturday and Sunday, February 3 and 4. We have some races in conjunction with New England Masters (Stratton, VT, Jan 19-21) and New York Masters (Toggnenburg, on Jan 13 and Song Mtn on Jan 14). In the past few years Super-G (SG) races have been added to our schedule. People love Super-G because it is faster and smoother than GS or SL. This year we have four SG races on the schedule. So that should be fun. As always, I want to remind people that this is just recreational racing. For all of us, racing has improved our skiing, racing has increased the number of days we get to ski and we get to ski with some really good people who also happen to be really good skiers. So we are always looking for people who may want to ski with us.

Bill Champion