From the top of the West Mountain race course, we can see the rolling green Adirondacks and the Hudson River. West Mountain is a “family” ski area. It is very laid-back. But they take racing seriously and they have several excellent race trails. It is a great place to race.

We had good representation at the Mid-Atlantic Master’s end of season championship races. Several of the racers also brought their families.


There are three days of racing. On Friday, we have a Super-G (SG). SG is on a long course and has open turns so the course is fairly fast. Much of a SG is skied in a tuck. Our Tim Witman was won his age group and was also “fastest man on the hill”. Does does that often. Bob Juskus won second place in his age group. Paul Fowser and Bill Pammer are in very competitive age group. Paul won third place in his age group; Bill came in fifth.

Our Saturday Giant Slalom Championship race had more competitors (sadly some people actually work on Friday!). Giant Slalom (GS) is more like normal skiing. There are more turns than in Super-G and the turns are tighter, so the speed are slower in GS than in Super-G. GS is said to be “more technical”. “Technical” is code for “you have to make lots of good turns.”

Susan Maximuk has skied very well this year (as usual). She raced in the top group, Super- Elite. Susan came in seventh in Woman’s Super-Elite, which meant she was also seventh fastest woman on the hill. Tim Witman won Men’s Super-Elite and was again, “fastest man on the hill”. Paul Fowser came in second in Men’s A and Bill Surette came in fifth in Men’s B.

Typically we ski slalom (SL) on Sunday. Slalom is very technical, very quick and very dynamic. It is always a tough race. The slalom race is the day after the championship race. There is always an emotional letdown. It is also the morning after the award party. So not everyone is well rested. And sometimes it is the first day of Daylight Savings Time. This year, we used a slightly different format. We used a dual race format on a shorter course. That is very exciting. The courses are set similar to the team race in World Cup racing. The racers are racing against each other (one on each course) and the spectators can see the whole course from the bottom of the hill. It is a great last race of the season. Unfortunately, none of the Wilmington racers made it to the finals. But it was a fun race. And a good way to end the season.

Now it is time to put the race skis away and focus on spring skiing.

Think Soft Snow and No Stupid Gates to Slow You Down,
Bill Champion

Date Location Race
1/5 Elk, PA SL, SL
1/24 to 1/27 Stratton, VT
Eastern VT Championship
2/2 Montage, PA GS, GS
2/9 to 2/10 Bellayre, NY GS, SL
2/15 to 2/17 West Mountain, NY SG, GS, SL
2/23 Mountain Creek, NJ GS, GS
3/15 to 3/17 West Mountain, NY
MAM Finals