Winterthur - “Costuming THE CROWN”
Saturday, May 4, 2019
10:00 am
Winterthur Visitor Center

Spend the morning with a tour of the new gallery exhibit, titled, “Costuming THE CROWN.” “From the dazzling gold of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation robe to the simple sophistication of Princess Margaret’s wedding dress, from the majesty of royal crowns and tiaras to the comfort of clothes worn in private family moments, Costuming THE CROWN will feature 40 iconic costumes from the beloved Emmy® award-winning Netflix series, a dramatized history of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.”

Marie Maks will lead the tour, who is trained by Winterthur for this gallery exhibit.

We will walk the grounds at Winterthur and see up close the Kurume azaleas, magnolias, tulips and late daffodils.

Event location: Winterthur Visitor Center

Day of Week and Time: Saturday, 10:00 a.m. Wear sturdy shoes if you choose to hike the gardens. Lunch at Winterthur. Cost of Admission: $20 adults and $18 seniors. If you are a member, the visit is free. The admission price includes a one hour house tour as well as a free next day (Sunday) to come back and visit Winterthur.

Please RSVP to Marie Maks via e-mail and call at 302-545-2103 so Marie can have an idea of tentative attendance.