Wilmington Ski Club Officer and Council Member Directory

Council meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at Rock Manor Golf Course Club House unless otherwise noted in the Snow Plow Scrapings, on the website or by email. Meetings start at 6:30 p.m. and are open to all WSC members. 

Elected Officers
President Bill Champion 302-475-2466 wlchampion.wilmski@gmail.com
Vice President John Lenz 302-598-3764 johnlenz2309@gmail.com
Secretary Marie Maks 302-545-2103 maksma2@yahoo.com
Treasurer Tom Neale 610-563-1277 tpn4407@gmail.com
Council Members
Activities: Open
    Appreciation* Denise Bassett 302-999-7266 delbassett@comcast.net
    Happy Hours* Open
Business Manager: Anne Ceres 302-229-9905 aceres9@gmail.com
Legal: Walt Tuthill 302-351-9204 wtuthill@mnat.com
Meetings: Madeline Auman 614-204-7443 bcahma@sbcglobal.net
Membership: Sue Gargel 610-457-2341 suefair17@yahoo.com
    Asst.* Nancy Drumheller 610-274-8134 nldrumheller@msn.com
Newsletter: wscscrapings@gmail.com
    Editor Chris Bassett 302-999-7266 ctbassett@gmail.com
    Co-Editor* Bill Champion 302-475-2466 wlchampion.wilmski@gmail.com
    Communications* Kurt Tappe 302-290-4371 ktappe@mac.com
    Marketing* Chris Bassett 302-999-7266 ctbassett@gmail.com
    Webmaster* Sandy Dobbs 302-753-0004 WilmingtonSkiClub.Webmaster@gmail.com
    Webmaster* Kurt Tappe 302-290-4371 WilmingtonSkiClub.Webmaster@gmail.com
    E-Mail Distribution* Bill Champion 302-475-2466 wlchampion.wilmski@gmail.com
    Trips Co-chair Anne Ceres 302-229-9905 aceres9@gmail.com
    Trips Co-chair Kurt Tappe 302-290-4371 ktappe@mac.com
    Racing* Bill Champion 302-475-2466 wlchampion.wilmski@gmail.com
*Denotes a non-voting position